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iClick Loans - Executive Treuhand Partner Gmbh - Tdb-Options Limited - http://www.banco-binario.com/es - http://banco-binario.net - http://opcionesbinarias-bancobinario.net/ - http://bancobinario-finanzas.net - http://investingbinario.com - http://bolsalp-banco-binario.com - http://www.tradesopcionesbinarias.com - Sfkk Trading Solutions  - Jlm International Trading Company Limited - Deepblue Global Limited - A and P Holdings Limited - Sal Ltd - Sal Capital Ltd - Mountain Rider Ltd - Rusty Flower Ltd - Wirestech Limited - Hillgrand Limited - Bass Creek Advisors - Kline Capital Partners Fxglobal1 / Expert Capital Ventures - Value Management Inc - Regency Associates - Jordan Group Financial

The supervisory authorities of the United Kingdom (Financial Conduct Authority - FCA), Switzerland (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority- FINMA), Spain (Spanish Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores - CNMV), China (Financial Supervisory Commission Chinese Taipei - FSC), Canada (Ontario Securities Commission - OSC) and Hong Kong (Securities and Futures Commission - SFC), report companies and websites that are offering investment, financial and insurance services without the required authorisations.

Reported by the FCA:

  • iClick Loans (http://www.iclick-loans.com/index.html), with declared headquarters in Kent (United Kingdom), clone of the authorised company Storm Automotive Ltd (Reference No. 635007).

Reported by the FINMA:

  • Executive Treuhand Partner Gmbh.

Reported by the CNMV:

  • Tdb-Options Limited;

  • http://www.banco-binario.com/es;

  • http://banco-binario.net;

  • http://opcionesbinarias-bancobinario.net/;

  • http://bancobinario-finanzas.net;

  • http://investingbinario.com;

  • http://bolsalp-banco-binario.com;

  • http://www.tradesopcionesbinarias.com;

  • Sfkk Trading Solutions (https://www.stcapitals.com).

Reported by the FSC:

  • Jlm International Trading Company Limited, with declared headquarters in Taiwan;

  • Deepblue Global Limited, with declared headquarters in Taiwan;

  • A and P Holdings Limited, with declared headquarters in Taiwan.

Reported by the OSC:

  • Sal Ltd also known as WinOptions;

  • Sal Capital Ltd ( www.winoptions.com);

  • Mountain Rider Ltd (Option Ridge) www.optionridge.com;

  • Rusty Flower Ltd (www.optionridge.com);

  • Wirestech Limited (www.bigoption.com).

Reported by the SFC:

  • Hillgrand Limited (www.hglfox.com), with declared headquarters in Hong Kong, New York, Great Britain, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo;

  • Bass Creek Advisors (www.basscreekadvisors.com ), with declared headquarters in Hong Kong;

  • Kline Capital Partners (www.klinecapitalpartners.com), with declared headquarters in Hong Kong;

  • Fxglobal1 / Expert Capital Ventures (www. Fxglobal1.com);

  • Value Management Inc (www.valuemgmtinc.com), with declared headquarters in Seoul;

  • Regency Associates (www.regencyassociates.com), with declared headquarters in Tokyo;

  • Jordan Group Financial (www.jordangroupfinancial.com), with declared headquarters in Tokyo.

(in "Consob Informa" no. 27/2016 - 11 July 2016)

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