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Jazz Loans - Wainscott Consulting Group - Boston Private Law Group Llp - Kawano and Associates - Lawson Consultancy Limited - Asashi Mergers & Acquisitions - Csc- Maple Bank Gmbh - Rubin Dunn - Mong Company Ltd - Ashton Cole Global / Ashton Cole Global Investments / AC Global Investments - www.mhi-shipping.com - Kancelaria Finansowa Pyffel & Partners Sp. z o.o - http://lokaty-inwestycje.com.pl - Bursatile

The supervisory authorities of the United Kingdom (Financial Conduct Authority - FCA), Ireland (Central Bank of Ireland), Switzerland (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority - FINMA), Denmark (Danish Financial Authority - DFSA), Hong Kong (Securities and Futures Commission - SFC), Poland (Polish Financial Supervision Authority - KNF) and Panama (Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores - SMV), report the companies and the websites offering investment, financial and insurance services without the required authorisations:

Reported by the FCA:

  • Jazz Loans (www.jazzonthehill.co.uk);

  • Wainscott Consulting Group (www.wainscottconsulting.com), with declared headquarters in New York.

  • Boston Private Law Group Llp (www.bostonplg.org), with declared headquarters in Boston;

Reported by the Central Bank of Ireland:

  • Kawano and Associates;

  • Lawson Consultancy Limited;

  • Asashi Mergers & Acquisitions (Japan).

Reported by the FINMA:

  • Maple Bank Gmbh.

Reported by the DFSA:

  • Rubin Dunn (www.rubin-dunn.com), with registered office in Hong Kong.

Reported by the SFC:

  • Mong Company Ltd;

  • Ashton Cole Global/Ashton Cole Global Investments/AC Global Investments;

  • www.mhi-shipping.com.

Reported by the KNF:

  • Kancelaria Finansowa Pyffel & Partners Sp. z o.o;

  • http://lokaty-inwestycje.com.pl.

Reported by the SMV:

  • Bursatile.

(in "Consob Informa" no. 7/2017 - 27 February 2017)

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