Implementing procedures for Resolution 20621/2018 for the part concerning the definition of issuers of ‘SME' listed shares

With Resolution 20621/2018 on companies listed as SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises), it was established that ‘CONSOB shall publish on its website a list of SMEs on the basis of the capitalisation and turnover established through its own calculations' (article 1, paragraph 1.5) and that "In its initial application of the provisions introduced by par. 1, SMEs shall send the following information to CONSOB within 30 days of the date of entry into force of this resolution: a) details of its qualification as an SME, together with the financial year of qualification; b) the figures for capitalisation and turnover, specifying the elements that contributed to determining the turnover, including those referring to financial years subsequent to that of qualification' (article 1, paragraph 2).

To this end, the issuers concerned shall communicate the information required using the standard excel file that can be downloaded from the CONSOB website (‘La Consob e le sue attività>Soggetti e mercati>Emittenti PMI') to be forwarded to the institutional certified email with the subject header ‘Issuers of SME listed shares'.

In this regard, it is recalled that this requirement must be completed by December 24, 2018.