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www. 4xp.com/fr - www.astonforex.com - www.bforex.com - www.cfxmarkets.com - www. finanzasforex.com - www.flameltrade.fr - www.forextrada.com - www. fxcast.com - www. fxfrance.fr - www.gcitrading.com - www.ihforex.com - www.ikkotrader.com - www. itnfx.com - www.iustrader.com - www.obroker.com - www.netotrade.com - www.sunbirdfx.com - www.tradaxa.com - www.trader369.com

The Autorité des Marches Financiers (AMF) and the Autorité de Controle Prudentiel (ACP), French supervisory authorities, have updated the list of companies and the related websites offering investment services on forex markets without authorisation. The updated list includes the following 20 websites:

  • www. 4xp.com/fr (of the company Forex Place Limited);
  • www.astonforex.com (of the company Marketrade Ltd);
  • www.bforex.com (of the company Bforex Limited);
  • www.cfxmarkets.com (of the company Cfb International ltd);
  • www. finanzasforex.com (of the company Evolution Market Group Inc);
  • www.flameltrade.fr (of the company Bull Trading Limited);
  • www.forextrada.com (of the company Forextrada);
  • www. fxcast.com (of the company Surplus Finance sa);
  • www. fxfrance.fr (of the company Fx France);
  • www.gcitrading.com (of the company Gci Financial Limited);
  • www.ihforex.com (of the company Investment House International);
  • www.ikkotrader.com (of the company IP International Service);
  • www. itnfx.com (of the company International Traders Network Fx);
  • www.iustrader.com (of the company Mt capital Partners);
  • www.obroker.com (of the company Landkey Enterprises Inc);
  • www.netotrade.com (of the company Neto Trade Global Investment);
  • www.sunbirdfx.com (of the company Sunbird Ltd);
  • www.tradaxa.com (of the company Sisma Capital Group);
  • www.trader369.com (of the company Ip International Service).

The companies Forex Place Limited and Evolution Market Group Inc and the websites www.ikkotrader.com and www.flamel trade.it (the latter of the company Flamel Trading Limited) have already been reported by Consob (see "Consob Informs nos. 48/2008 and 41/2012").

(in Consob Informa n. 16/2013 - 22 April 2013)