Portal Managers for crowdfunding

Portal Managers for crowdfunding

The Register of portal managers for the collection of the small and medium-sized enterprises and for the social enterprises through on-line portals as well as the provisions completing or amending the information included therein are published in the Consob Bulletin (Bollettino della Consob), set-up in its electronic format by means of Consob resolution No. 15695 dated December 20, 2006.

The Register is established pursuant to article 50-quinquies of Legislative Decree No. 58/1998 (The Italian Financial Law - "TUF") and it includes:

  • an ordinary section in which are registered portal managers authorized by Consob pursuant to the verification of the requirements established by the TUF and the Regulation adopted by Consob by means of resolution No. 18592 dated June 26, 2013;
  • a special section in which are noted banks and investment firms (SIM) already authorized to provide the relative investment services who have communicated to Consob, before starting of their activity, the performing of the activities as portal manager. At the moment there are no registered portal managers.

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