Resolution no. 21305

Suspension of the terms of payment of contributions referred to in article no. 40 of Law n. 724/1994


HAVING REGARD TO the Law 7 June 1974, n. 216 and subsequent amendments and additions;

HAVING REGARD TO the Article no.40 of the Law 23 December 1994, n. 724 and subsequent amendments and additions in which, among other things, it is expected that Consob, for the purposes of its financing, will determine in each year the amount of contributions due to it by its supervised subjects;

HAVING REGARD TO its Resolution no. 21211 of 20 December 2019 bearing the determination, pursuant to cited Article no.40 of the subjects required to contribute for the year 2020, of the contribution measure and of the methods and terms of payment for the same year;

HAVING REGARD TO the Law-Decree of 23 February 2020, no. 6, which introduces urgent measures for the purpose of containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019;

HAVING REGARD TO the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 23 February 2020 implementing the Law-Decree 23 February 2020, no. 6;

HAVING REGARD TO the Decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance of 24 February 2020 concerning the suspension, pursuant to Article no. 9, paragraph 2, of the Law of 27 July 2000, n. 212, of the terms for the fulfillment of tax obligations in favor of taxpayers affected by the epidemiological emergency due to COVID-19;

HAVING REGARD TO the Law-Decree of 2 March 2020, no. 9 by which further measures have been introduced for the support of families, workers and companies;

HAVING REGARD TO the Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers of 8, 9 and 11 March 2020 by which restrictive measures have been taken to counter the spreading of the health emergency;

CONSIDERING the context of extraordinary necessity arisen as a result of the current international health emergency and the consequent deterioration of the economic situation;

EVALUATED the opportunity to suspend the deadline for paying contributions due from the supervised subjects indicated in the prospectus integrating this provision, whose expiration is set for 15 April 2020;


Article 1

1. The deadline of 15 April 2020, established by Resolution no. 21211 of 20 December 2019 for the payment of the contributions due by the subjects indicated in the prospectus integrating this Resolution is suspended until 15 May 2020.

Article 2

1. This provision will be published in the Consob Bulletin.

18 March 2020

Paolo Savona


Categories of supervised entities whose deadline for the payment of the supervisory fee is suspended until 15 May 2020

  • Sim and Investment companies
  • Banks and Financial intermediaries
  • Asset management companies
  • Stockbrokers
  • Collective investments undertakings
  • Priips manufactures
  • Undertakings subject to Non-financial reporting
  • Issuers of financial instruments listed on regulated markets
  • Issuers of financial instruments negotiated on multilateral trading facilities
  • Widely distributed financial instruments issuers
  • Subjects with offering/listing documentation
  • Managers of multilateral trading facilities and organised trading facilities
  • Systematic internalisers
  • Managers of crowdfunding platform for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and for social enterprises
  • Managers of regulated information disclosure services and mangers of regulated information storage devices
  • Data communication services providers
  • Settlement internalisers
  • Benchmark administrators