Consob/G20 event "Regulating innovation in the financial system to power a resilient recovery" (25 October 2021)

25 October 2021: Consob/G20 event "Regulating innovation in the financial system to power a resilient recovery"

As part of the Italian Presidency of the G20, finance track, Consob is organising the conference "Regulating innovation in the financial system to power a resilient recovery: Squaring the circle between regulation, finance, innovation, and sustainability".

The conference will take place on 25 October at 9.30 am, at Palazzo Spada in Rome, remotely through the link to the website

The conference will be divided into three thematic sessions with the participation of international public and private speakers and experts. The results will be transmitted to G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors.

The challenges posed by the Covid pandemic to humanity and the planet will be the main theme of the works, with the awareness that recovery requires a shared effort between the public and private sectors, towards the green and digital transition and to support social progress. Finance therefore has a fundamental role, placing itself at the heart of innovation processes. In fact, in recent years, both digital (FinTech) and sustainable (ESG) finance has grown exponentially, offering completely new solutions to promote greater sustainability: from digital payments through crowdfunding, digital public procurement, up to Green FinTech. Regulators therefore have a crucial role in determining the dynamic framework of reference to allow finance to affect the real economy, people and the planet, while complying with the supervisory duties of the Authorities on investor protection and market stability.

The meeting will aim to square the circle between regulation, finance, innovation and sustainability, as well as to explore in depth the new role of financial regulators in putting finance at the base of the transition to a sustainable recovery.

The works will be opened (9.30am - 9.35am) with a welcome greeting by Filippo Patroni Griffi (President Italian Council of State) and then  (9.35am-10.00am) introduced by  Consob President Paolo Savona.

Session I (10.00am-12.00pm) entitled "The role of the experimental regulator' in building an enabling eco system", chaired by Professor Francesca Medda (Consob), involves the participation of: Ulrich Bindseil (General Directorfor Market Infrastructures and Payments - European Central Bank); Skeikh Abdullah bin Saoud Al Thani, (Governor - Qatar Central Bank); Sholthana Begum (Technical Head of RegTech and Data Innovation, Bank of England; Franco Frattini (Vice President - Council of State).

II Session (1.30pm-3.00pm) entitled "Digital innovation: growth, inclusion and disruption", chaired by Paolo Ciocca (Consob Commissioner), involves the participation of: Simona Paravani (Global Chief Investment Officer – BlackRock); Haifeng Xu (Chairman, Bank of China-Luxembourg); Silvio Micali (Ford Professor of Engineering, MIT and Founder, Algorand); Matteo del Fante (CEO and General Manager, Poste Italiane, Poste Italiane).

III Session (3.30pm-5.00pm) entitled "Sustainable finance: profit together with social and environmental impact", chaired by Filippo Addarii (PlusValue – UCL), involves the participation of Magda Bianco (Co-Chair G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion, Bank of Italy); Matthew King (Deputy Director, Directorate I, European Commission); Mike Froman (Vice Chairman, Mastercard); Karin Isaksson (Director, Nordic Development Fund).