World Investor Week (Wiw) is back - The fifth edition of the World Investor Week kicks off in 100 countries - From Monday 4 October financial education spreads throughout Italy to promote basic literacy (Press release of 29 September 2021)



The promotion of basic financial literacy to reduce savers' vulnerability to the risks of scams and the dissemination the minimum knowledge necessary to seize the opportunities of the markets.

With this objective the World Investor Week (Wiw), at its fifth edition, is back this year.

The initiative, managed in Italy by Consob, is part of a project launched in 2017 by Iosco, the world organization of regulatory and supervisory Authorities on financial markets, with the contribution of about 100 countries out of 130 Iosco members.

Starting from Monday 4 October, for a whole week, financial education events will be organized throughout Italy – from large cities to small and very small centers – with the aim of reaching the general public: young people, students, adults, seniors, families, businesses. Many training tools, both traditional and innovative, will be used: theatre performances, quizzes, fairy tales, conferences, seminars.

From global to local: among the events scheduled on the first day the Iosco International Conference on Sustainable Finance but also, in Casarano (Lecce), the theatre performance bringing to the stage the story of Charles Ponzi, the scammer who, at the beginning of the twentieth century, managed to ensnare thousands of savers in the United States thank to the adoption of a scheme of scamming which is still widely adopted today in various forms, from the web to door to door.

The 2021 edition will be focused on sustainable finance and prevention from scamming. Among the other topics covered you may find cryptocurrencies and decision-making processes which are at the basis of a conscious investment.

The project relies on the collaboration among various private and public subjects: the Association of Professors of Economics of Intermediaries and Financial Markets; the Polytechnic University of Milan; the Regional School Office of the Lombardy region; the Foundation for Financial Education and Savings; the Global Thinking Foundation; the Savings Museum of Turin; the National Association of Financial Advisors; the approximately 40 Universities affiliated with Consob

Since 2018 Wiw is an integral part of the Month of Financial Education, organized in October by the National Committee for Financial Education, to which Consob participates as a member.

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