Cofit Group

With Resolution No. 17685 of 3 March 2011, Consob prohibited, under the terms of Art. 99, section 1, lett. d) of the Consolidated Law on Finance, the activity of a public offering concerning tax treasury bonds issued by Fondo Progetto Italia and the advertising activity of a public offering concerning shares of the incorporating company Banca Finanziaria Italiana SpA, for infringement, respectively, of Art. 94 and Art. 101 of the said law, committed by companies and entities of the Cofit Group and its parent company Compagnia Finanziaria Italiana SRL.

The said activities were already suspended in a precautionary manner for ten days with Resolution No. 17670 of 17 February 2011 (see "Consob Informs" No. 8 of 2011).

(In Consob Informa n. 10/11 - 7 March 2011)