Consob adopts a temporary ban on short selling on Banca Carige shares. The ban shall apply immediately and shall last until Monday 19 November 2018 end of day (Press release of November 16, 2018)

Consob decided to temporary prohibit short sales of the share Banca Carige (ISIN code IT0005108763).

The ban will apply immediately and will be enforce until the end of the next trading day, i.e. Monday 19 November 2018, on the MTA market operated by Borsa Italiana.

The prohibition was adopted pursuant to Article 23 of the EU Regulation on short selling, considering the price change recorded by the share today (in excess of -10%).

The prohibition applies to short sales backed by stock lending. This extended the scope of the prohibition of naked short selling, already in force for all shares from 1st November 2012 by virtue of the EU Regulation on short selling.

The text of the Resolution no. 20705 of 16 November 2018 is available on the website

- Press release in PDF format