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Report 2020 on financial advisor-investor relationship
Mirroring analysis investor-advisor relationship


Mirroring survey

The survey analyses the financial advisor-investor relationship in order to identify areas for improvement due to gaps in communication, limited knowledge and poor exchange of information.

Report 2020
The 2020 Report investigates whether the financial advisor-investor relationship may lead to a higher consideration of the ESG factors in the individuals' investment process by leveraging on the communication between the parties involved. ... more
Financial advisor-investor interaction
In order to grasp the main characteristics of the advisor-investor interaction, the first topic explored through the double interview dealt with the distinctive features describing the financial advice. ... more
Sustainability: attitudes and knowledge of advisors and investors
As for the attitudes towards sustainability, the survey detects first the consideration given to ESG factors by both groups of respondents and secondly financial advisors' perceptions about investors' stated preferences (Fig. 2.1). ... more
Responsible investments: attitudes, knowledge and holdings
When it comes to the consideration of ESG factors in individual choices, 40% of investors state that they take environmental and social impacts of their behaviour very much into account when making financial and investment decisions (Fig. 2.3). ... more
Responsible investments: the role of financial advisors
Investors' and professionals' views diverge with respect to the proactivity of the financial advisor in recommending sustainable investments: ... more
Final remarks
The mirroring survey highlights some important areas for improvement in the financial advisor-investor communication, which can have an impact not only on the relationship between the parties involved but also on the clients' investment choices. ... more

This Report was prepared by:
Nadia Linciano (coordinator) - CONSOB, Head of the Economic Studies Unit, Research Department (
Joe Capobianco - Università Alma Mater di Bologna (
Massimo Caratelli - Università degli studi Roma Tre (
Paola Soccorso - CONSOB, Economic Studies Unit, Research Department (

The opinions expressed in the Report are the authors' personal views and are in no way binding on Consob.


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