Statistics and analyses

This section contains statistical and economic analysis reports.

The Statistical bulletin is a six-monthly document that contains data on the institutional sectors of interest of Consob based on statistical supervisory reports.

The Report on corporate governance of Italian listed companies includes data on ownership and control structure, corporate boards, annual general meetings and related party transactions of Italian listed companies.

The Report on financial investments of Italian households presents evidence on the investment choices of Italian households with the aim of gaining insights as to how they manage investment decisions and the main risks they may take.

The Report mirroring on financial advisor-investor relationship, based on a questionnaire, analyses the financial advisor-investor relationship, in order to capture any information and cognitive distortions between financial adivsors and investors.

The Report on non-financial reporting of Italian companies analyses the implemention of the legislative decree 254/2016 and the cultural transformation triggered by non financial disclosure in terms of integration of ESG factors (environmental, social and governance) in the corporate decision-making process.

The Report on trends and risks of the Italian financial system in a comparative perspective analyses trends and risks of the Italian financial system in a comparative perspective, also with regard to the developments that can affect the achievement of CONSOB remit.

Other documents collects researches and analyses on issues of Consob's institutional interest.