Via Giovanni Battista Martini, 3 - 00198 Rome (Italy)
phone number (switchboard):  +39 06 84771


Via Broletto, 7 - 20121 Milan (Italy)
phone number (switchboard): +39 02 724201

Some offices are also situated on via Rovello, 6 in Milan.


Documents to be submitted under laws and regulations should be sent to:

  • Consob - Via G. B. Martini, 3 - 00198 Rome (Italy)
    Fax: +39 06 8416703 - +39 06 8417707

or to:

  • Consob - Via Broletto, 7 - 20121 Milan (Italy)
    Fax: +39 02 89010696

Reception for hand-delivering mail:

  • for the office in Rome: Via Claudio Monteverdi, 19
  • for the office in Milan: Via Broletto, 7

Business hours: 08.15 - 13.30 and 14.15 - 16.30, Monday to Friday

Official correspondence may also be transmitted to Consob by institutional certified e-mail: (from external certified e-mails) or to (from not certified e-mail).

You can ask Consob for any data and information sending an on line request via  SIPE - Integrated System for External User

The offices indicated in the left menu are available for contacting Consob.

Disclaimer: The SIPE's on line form may not be used for the formal submission to CONSOB of information and documents to satisfy legal or regulatory requirements, nor may it be used to request guidance and opinions from the Commission. It is recommended, for privacy reasons, not to insert confidential or sensitive data.

To report technical problems and/or make suggestions concerning Consob's website, please send an e-mail to:


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