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Report 2019 on financial investments of Italian households
Financial investments of Italian households



In 2018 Italian household financial wealth declined, whilst the saving rate has headed to 10%. ... more
Ageing population and digitalisation will significantly impact the economic landscape ... more
According to the 2019 CONSOB Observatory, men remain the lead financial decision makers, although in the vast majority of the cases they share their choices with either the partner or other relatives. Among the observed personal traits, risk aversion and loss aversion are very widespread, while 40% of individuals perceive to be highly financially self-effective. ... more
The financial knowledge of Italian households remains low. In addition, numeracy as well as… ... more
… knowledge of the most common financial assets show significant gaps.  ... more
The role of parental education in strengthening individuals' background in financial matters seems to be confirmed by the positive correlation with financial knowledge and financial control. ... more
The vast majority of Italian households are not familiar with financial planning and budgeting, while saving is mainly driven by precautionary reasons. ... more
The participation rate in financial markets is equal to 30%, with mutual funds and Government bonds remaining the most significant holdings in household portfolios after bank and postal savings. Informal advice keeps being the most common investment habit among investors ... more
Advisors' competences are both the main driver of the choice of the expert and the main expectation investors have from financial advisors. Most investors are used to have long-standing relationship with their financial advisor and to follow the advice received without any double-check. ... more
FOCUS Apart from a small share of investors holding sustainable and responsible products, knowledge and interest in SRIs are still limited. Informed investors and holders of SRIs are on average more frequently willing to hold SRIs even if this entails forgoing financial performances. The main deterrents from SRIs are reported to be lack of savings and mistrust, the latter encompassing also ‘greenwashing' concerns. ... more
In conclusion ... more

The Report was prepared by:
Nadia Linciano (coordinator) - CONSOB, Head of the Economic Studies, Research Department (
Daniela Costa - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (
Monica Gentile - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (
Paola Soccorso - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (

The opinions expressed in the Report are the authors' personal views and are in no way binding on Consob.


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