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Report 2020 on financial investments of Italian households
Financial investments of Italian households



The Report presents evidence on the investment choices of Italian households with the aim of gaining insights as to how they manage investment decisions and the main risks they may take.
The Report is based on the Survey ‘The approach to finance and investment of Italian households' administered by GfK Italia to a representative sample of Italian retail financial decision-makers.
The 2020 Report contains two sections focused on knowledge and attitude towards SRIs and attitude towards digital assets and financial services, respectively.

The macro environment and trends in household wealth and savings ... more
Financial knowledge and interest towards financial education initiatives of Italian households ... more
Financial control and savings ... more
Investment and demand for financial advice ... more
FOCUS: Knowledge and attitude towards SRIs  ... more
FOCUS: Attitude towards digital assets and financial services ... more

The Report was prepared by:
Nadia Linciano (coordinator) - CONSOB, Head of the Economic Studies, Research Department (
Valeria Caivano - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (
Daniela Costa - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (
Monica Gentile - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (
Paola Soccorso - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (

The opinions expressed in the Report are the authors' personal views and are in no way binding on Consob.


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