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LIFTECH is the Consob dialogue channel for providing support to companies and FinTech operators to help them in the complex regulatory and supervisory framework.

FinTech sector operators who are developing or intend to develop activities which, while affecting the banking, financial, or insurance sector, cannot access the regulatory Sandbox (e.g., activities that are not currently regulated or supervised by the Bank of Italy, Consob or IVASS), can also access LIFTECH to carry out informal dialogue pursuant to the Ministerial Decree no. 100 of 30 April 2021.

The LIFTECH team has an interdisciplinary structure in order to provide a wide-ranging mentorship.

The innovation support activity does not involve the issue of binding indications regarding compliance with the rules of innovative models for the development of financial products and services, which may require authorizations or be subject to Consob supervision.

To make use of the support of LIFTECH, you are kindly asked to fill out the form published on our CONSOB-TECH page and send it to

You will then receive an e-mail through which additional information could be requested. The e-mail will offer you a range of date and time options to conduct a dialogue with the LIFTECH Consob team, also in coordination with the other supervisory Authorities.