Consob Tech
liftech sandbox
CONSOB-TECH is the Consob initiative dedicated to companies and / or individuals who have developed or have drawn up a project to develop technological innovations in the financial sector (FinTech).
FinTech in Italy is a promising and growing reality, but is often limited to the start-up level and still very fragmented, both in terms of services and products and geographically. To facilitate innovation, it is necessary to have clear indications in a context in which it is very difficult to move, also due to complex regulation.
In this context, in order to fully understand FinTech and its implications, and thus promote its development, Consob will directly manage trials in a supervised environment (Sandbox) with the operators.
Consob's objectives through the CONSOB-TECH Team are therefore:

1) to create a support system within the regulatory and supervisory framework of Consob (attività della Consob), facilitating dialogue with FinTech operators (LIFTECH);

2) to accompany FinTech operators on their path towards experimentation (SANDBOX); and

3) to carry out educational work (INFORMATION).


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