prospectuses and take over bids documents

Prospectuses and take over bids documents

This section contains:

  • Take over bids documents - Take over bids made pursuant to Legislative Decree 24 February 1998, no. 58 (Consolidated Law on Finance). In relation to the transactions carried out after 9 May 2000, the take over bids documents can be viewed or downloaded. The documents that can be consulted in this section (available only in the Italian language) are being published for information purposes only and they are equivalent to the documents previously sent to Consob on IT support pursuant to regulatory rules.
  • Domestic prospectuses - Prospectuses and supplements approved by Consob and published by issuers who have securities admitted to trading on a Italian regulated market or companies who have made an applicable offer of securities to the public in Italy.
  • EU prospectuses - Prospectuses and supplements that have been approved by other EU competent authorities and passported to Consob for the purpose of admitting securities to trading on a Italian regulated market or for an applicable offer of securities to the public in Italy.

Pursuant to Article no. 16-ter of Regulation (EU) no. 1095/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 November 2010, any natural or legal person can ask ESMA a question with reference to the practical application or implementation of the prospectus regulation (so-called application questions). Questions involving an interpretation of EU law (so-called interpretative questions) can also be sent to ESMA, but in such cases ESMA forwards the question to the European Commission.

For the purposes of the above, the section of the ESMA website where you can submit a question is shown below ( It is preferable that applications are submitted in English. Attention is drawn to the need to carefully read the ESMA guidelines reproduced in this section, before sending the question.