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Report 2018 on financial investments of Italian households
Financial investments of Italian households



Trends in household wealth and savings
In Italy household net wealth remains stable at its 2012 level, whereas gross saving rate keeps declining below the euro area average. ... more
The 2018 CONSOB Observatory: socio-demographics and personal traits of sampled financial decision makers
The 2018 CONSOB Observatory ‘The approach to finance and investment of Italian households' collects data from 1,601 households, representative of the population of Italian retail financial decision makers, with a focus on individual psychological traits and inclinations. ... more
Financial knowledge and risk preferences
Italian households' financial knowledge is still very low, as shown by the results of a test involving both basic notions recurrent in everyday life and advanced concepts. ... more
Financial control and saving
Financial control, i.e. budgeting, planning and monitoring, is key to sound choices and to individual financial welfare. Italian households are not widely used to engage in good financial control practices yet. ... more
Investment choices and investment habits
At the end of 2017, about 30% of the Italian households participate in financial markets (i.e. hold at least one investment product). ... more
The demand for investment advice
More than 50% of interviewees are able to identify neither the contents of the service of investment advice nor the characteristics of the independent advice service. ... more
Focus: the Theory of planned behaviour and the intention to learn finance and to monitor the household budget
According to the Theory of planned behaviour (TPB), intentions are the precursors of a specific behaviour. This Report applies TPB to individual intentions to learn more about finance and to enact a proper monitoring of household expenses. ... more

The Report was prepared by:
Nadia Linciano (coordinator) - CONSOB, Head of the Economic Studies, Research Department (
Valeria Caivano - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (
Monica Gentile - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (
Paola Soccorso - CONSOB, Economic Studies, Research Department (

The opinions expressed in the Report are the authors' personal views and are in no way binding on Consob.


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