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Published the Legal Research Paper No 27: "Civil Justice Reform and Extrajudicial Protection: Opportunities for Citizens and Businesses" (27 March 2023)

The acts of the meeting on "Civil justice reform and out-of-court protection: opportunities for citizens and businesses" have been published in Consob's Legal Research Papers Series.

The Conference, held on 24 October 2022 at the Consob Auditorium by the Alternative Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme (ACF), by the National Association for the Study of Credit Issues (Anspc) and by the University of Rome, Sapienza – Faculty of Economics, delved into the complex subject of alternative disputes resolution, which examines the procedures that are activated to resolve, as is the case of the ACF, disputes between consumers and the financial industry (widely understood) in light of the changes introduced by the so-called "Cartabia Reform".

In particular, the deflationary benefit of judicial litigation, in out-of-court protection remedies, with particular regard to the banking, financial and insurance sectors, was repeatedly highlighted. At the same time, the limits, problems and new perspectives on the subject were discussed, thanks above all to the evidence resulting from the experience collected and illustrated by the Rapporteurs in their respective areas of expertise.