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Financial abuse: Consob obscures 6 websites (Press release of 16 October 2020)

Consob has ordered the blackout of 6 new websites, which illegally offer financial services.

The Authority availed itself of the powers resulting from the "Growth Decree" (Law no. 58 of 28 June 2019, Article no. 36, paragraph 2-terdecies), on the basis of which Consob can order Internet connectivity service providers to inhibit access from Italy to the websites through which financial services are offered without due authorization.

Below are the sites for which Consob has ordered the blackout:

  • Broker Major Ltd (website;
  • Premium Solutions Ltd (website and related page;
  • Swissgems Ltd e Media Solutions Ltd(website and url;
  • "Royaltyfinance"(website;
  • ESOS International LTD and Kakedy International S.R.O (websites and

Accordingly, it has risen to 306 the overall number of websites which have been blacked out by Consob starting from July 2019, since the Authority was empowered to order the blackout of abusive financial intermediaries websites.

The measures adopted by Consob are available on the website .

The activities for the blackout of the said websites by the Internet connectivity providers operating on the Italian territory are in progress. For technical reasons it can take a few days for making them effective.

Consob warns all savers about the value of making use of their utmost diligence in order to make their investment choices in full awareness, by the adoption of behaviors based on common sense, which are essential to safeguard their savings: among these, a preventive verification, with respect to websites offering financial services, that the subject through which the investment is made is an authorized entity and, in relation to financial products offers, that the prospectus has been published.

To this end, Consob reminds that on the homepage of its website , it is available the section "Watch out for scams!", where useful information have been published for the purpose of warning investors with relation to abusive financial initiatives.

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