Wiw, the World Investor's Week, starts in the name of "glocal"- Monday 4 October, on the first day, an international conference on sustainable finance and a theatrical show in Casarano (Salento) on how to defend against scams (Press release of 2 October 2021)


Global and at the same time local: Wiw (World Investor Week) opens under the banner of glocal, the World Investor Week, which begins the day after tomorrow, Monday 4 October, with an international conference on sustainable finance and a theatrical performance by financial education in the small town of Casarano in Salento.

The first appointment in a long series of training events that lasted throughout the week is the Enviromental, social and governance objectives for well-informed and protected investors "conference, a global webinar organized by Consob in collaboration with Iosco (poster), the world organization of regulatory and supervisory authorities on financial markets, to which around 130 countries adhere.

Some of the leading experts in the field discuss sustainable finance and investor protection. Erik Theeden, director general of the Fsa, the Swedish supervisory authority and president of the Iosco task force on sustainable finance, opens the meeting. To sum up this comparison, Professor Chiara Mosca, Consob Commissioner.

On the same day, Consob staged the theatrical show "Watch for Scams!". The screenplay is taken from the autobiography of Charles Ponzi, the Italian swindler who emigrated to the United States who at the beginning of the twentieth century lured thousands of American savers into his trap in a fraud that became famous as the "Ponzi scheme". A century later that same pattern still recurs today in the scams that circulate through the most disparate channels such as the web, telephone, door to door. The event, in person and on a digital platform, is designed as a training tool that combines education and entertainment (edutainment).

In the following days, the Wiw continues throughout Italy with a wide range of training opportunities (program) in the field of financial education aimed at reaching the undifferentiated public in its various components: young people, students, adults, seniors, families, businesses.

Wiw is an initiative of Iosco, managed in Italy by Consob. Investor's Week, now in its fifth edition this year, is part of the fourth Financial Education Month, organized in October by the National Committee for Financial Education.

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