Consob regulates with its own regulations, made enforceable by Decree of the Ministers' Council President,  the internal organization and functioning, the legal and economic treatment of the personnel, the administration and the accounting.

The Commission is the decision-making body and has a collegial structure.

The Director General assists the Commission in the exercise of its functions and ensures the performance of the instrumental activities.

The Deputy Director General assists the Director General in the performance of his duties and performs specific tasks and assignments assigned by the Commission.

The General Secretary supports the President and the members of the College in institutional relations, in coordination with the Director General.

The Advocate General assists the Commission in the legal affairs, carrying out counseling and legal defense activities.

Consob's organizational chart is divided into 10 Divisions, in which 41 offices are coordinated, in Legal Advice, in the context of which 4 offices are coordinated, and in 9 uncoordinated offices.

The Directorate General ensures the coordination of the structures.

Further information on the organizational structure and on the forms of internal coordination of the activities can be found in the organizational chart and in the Structure Manual.

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