The National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange starts a collection of expressions of interest for the selection of the Director General of the Institute (Notes of 13 June 2022)


The National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange starts a collection of expressions of interest for the selection of the Director General of the Institute

On the basis of Article no. 2, paragraph 4, of the Law n. 216 of 7 June 1974 and of Article no. 27 of the current regulation concerning the organization and functioning of the National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange (adopted with Resolution no. 8674 of 17 November 1994 and subsequent amendments and additions), the Director General of Consob assists, if requested by the Commission, at its meetings; assists the Commission in the exercise of its functions; verifies the implementation of the Commission's resolutions; maintains relations with public administrations; represents, as delegated by the President, the Commission; chairs the Technical Committee referred to in Article no. 29 below, and is responsible to the Commission for coordinating the proposed resolutions; notifies the Commission of the cases in which the proposed resolutions modify previous resolutions or directives of the Commission itself; ensures the performance of the instrumental activities of the Institute, can give instructions and directives for this purpose and is responsible for the results of the activities towards the President and the Commission; commits the expenses for the functioning of the Institute, according to the criteria established in the accounting regulations and within the limits set by the budget and by specific resolutions of the Commission.


The Director General is appointed, on the proposal of the President, being chosen from among people with specific and documented experience and undisputed morality and independence with reference to professional, cultural and scientific qualifications and experience gained.

Pursuant to Article no. 27, paragraph 1-ter, of the aforementioned Organization and Functioning Regulation of CONSOB, the Director General remains in office for up to five years, is renewable and can be revoked at any time, even without just cause, by resolution of the Commission.

The provisions on incompatibility and non-transferability provided for by Article no. 2, paragraph 6, of Law no. 216 of 1974 and by the Legislative Decree n. 39 of 8 April 2013, are applied.

The expression of interest can be disclosed by Italian citizens and citizens of a member country of the European Union, with specific and recognized competence and experience in the matters subject to the supervision of CONSOB and of undisputed morality and independence, in possession of civil and political rights, who have not received criminal convictions, who do not have criminal proceedings in progress and who have not been addressed by measures regarding the application of safety or prevention measures.

For the type of position to be occupied, knowledge of the English language is required, as demonstrated by experience gained in international environments as well. Similar knowledge and experience are also required from the point of view of technology and information systems and ongoing digitalization processes.

The selection of the candidate to whom the assignment is to be conferred is made by the Commission at its discretion. This notice is published in order to receive the expressions of interest of those interested in the job assignment and does not involves competitive characteristics, does not determine any right to be awarded the assignment, nor does it implies the drawing up of a final ranking.

It is also specified that the preselection activities will be managed with the support of the Egon Zehnder company.

Only expressions of interest sent by 12.00 AM (midnight) of the 1st of July 2022 to the following e-mail address will be evaluated: . The Curriculum Vitae in the European format must be attached to the application.

CONSOB maintains the right to revoke this notice at any time, due to unexpected needs, by notifying it to the interested parties through a specific publication on its institutional website, at the link:

* * *

The Institute, as the controller of personal data, collects and processes the data of the candidates, necessary for carrying out the evaluation aimed at assigning the position of Director General. Data are processed on analogic and digital media exclusively by authorized parties, operating under the authority of the Institute. The same data are stored in compliance with legal obligations and archival legislation and are not disclosed or communicated to third parties, except in cases where data dissemination or communication is carried out in compliance with a legal obligation. Candidates have the right to obtain, in the cases provided for, access to their personal data, the correction or cancellation of the same or the limitation of the processing that concerns them or to oppose the processing (Articles nos. 15 et seq. Reg. (EU ) 2016/679) by submitting a specific request to the Data Protection Officer of the Institute whose references can be found at the link If the interested parties believe that the processing of data concerning them is carried out in violation of the legislation related to the protection of personal data, the candidates have the right to propose a complaint with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data (Article no. 77 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679) or to refer the matter to the judicial authority (Article no. 79 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679).