Non coordinated offices within the sphere of divisions
  • Financial Planning and Budget Office

    Manager: Bruno La Tassa
    tel. 06/8477765

    This office manages the Institute's financial and economic-financial accounting, preparing the budget and the final statement and managing the taxation system and the financial resources.

  • Government and Parliamentary Activities Office

    Manager: Gabriele Aulicino
    tel. 06/8477859

    This office assists the Commission ensuring liaison between the regulatory activity of Parliament and the Chairman of the Cabinet.

  • International Relations Office

    Manager: Martina Tambucci
    tel. 06/8477585

    The International Relations Office assists the Commission, dealing with relations with foreign bodies and the EU authorities and ensuring consistency in the Institute's international position.

  • Press Office

    Manager: Manlio Pisu
    tel. 06/8477516

    The Press Office manages relations with the media, promoting CONSOB's public image and distributing news of interest within the Institute.

  • Commission Secretarial Office

    Manager: Vincenzo Cimino
    tel. 06/8477367

    This office provides activities that are instrumental to the performance of the works of the Commission and the organisation of Technical Committee meetings.

  • Internal Audit Office

    Manager: Marina Cicchetti
    tel. 06/8477344

    The Internal Audit Office assists the Commission in verifying and assessing the legitimacy, regularity and correctness of the administrative action and in the management of risks that could compromise the effectiveness and efficiency of the operating processes in respect of the Institute's aims and the reliability and integrity of the information.

  • Secretariat Office of the Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber

    Manager: Enea Franza (ad interim)
    tel. 06/8477494

    This office provides the activities that are instrumental to the work of the Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber.

  • Administrative Sanctions Office

    Manager: Simone Alvaro
    tel. 06/8477434

    This office formulates proposals for applying sanctions or filing sanctions proceedings deriving from the supervisory activity of the competent organisational units on the basis of actions relating to the first and second investigatory stage of sanctions proceedings.

  • Technical Secretariat Office of the Arbiter for Financial Disputes

    Manager: Serenella Maria Pizzoferrato
    tel. 06/8477457

    This office carries out the activities necessary for the establishment and operation of the Arbiter for Financial Disputes (ACF) and the smooth and orderly conduct of the proceedings.