short selling notification

short selling notification

The Regulation requires holders of net short positions in shares or sovereign debt to notify the Relevant Authority of such positions when they reach or exceed  certain thresholds, no later than 15.30 of the day following the trading day on which the relevant position is held.


On Tuesday 13 December 2016 Consob has migrated to a new reporting system on net short positions. Positions reported through the old system has been migrated by Consob to the new system. Users are able to access the new system and report net short positions with the old username and password.

The new system is available here: SYSTEM ACCESS.

If you have lost your password, or if you need to register a new user, go here registration form.

The user manual is available here: User Manual.

Beware: it could not be possible to make changes to static data (i.e. name of Position Holder, name of contact person, etc) for a few days after the migration.

Please send any query here: