Granting of patronage and permission to use the logo of the National Securities and Stock Exchange Commission

Granting of patronage and permission to use the logo of the National Securities and Stock Exchange Commission

 Application form for patronage or use of the Consob logo

1. General principles

Patronage represents a symbolic form of adherence to events and activities not directly organized by the National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange (CONSOB), as well as an expression of appreciation for the contribution they make to CONSOB's institutional objectives.

The granting of patronage and/or authorization to use the logo are free of charge, i.e., they are not onerous for CONSOB, nor do they require any participation by CONSOB in the costs of the initiative and do not entail any financial benefits of any kind for the requesting party.

Patronage and/or use of the logo are granted for the duration of individual initiatives, do not extend by analogy to other similar or related events, even if they originate from the same requesting party and for which a new request must be made. They cannot be granted permanently or used for certification purposes or for other legal effects, too.

The granting of patronage does not automatically entitle one subject to use the logo, which must be expressly requested. In any case, the use of the logo is subject to the granting of patronage.

Sponsorship and/or logo use are not granted for initiatives that:

  • have a direct or indirect profit motive. Fundraising initiatives, having a purpose deemed worthy of contributing to CONSOB's institutional objectives, by Non-profit Organizations (ONLUS), registered in the appropriate lists and recognized by law, are not considered for profit;
  • have the purpose of promoting trademarks or advertising of commercial or publishing products, firms, companies, etc.;
  • provide for the awarding of prizes or recognitions to entities supervised by CONSOB;
  • fall within the ordinary activities of the applicant (e.g., advanced and master's courses in the case of educational institutions and universities);
  • are political or exclusively religious in nature;
  • provide for the payment of a participation fee, except in exceptional circumstances, to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the institutional relevance of the event and the mere expense reimbursement nature of the participation fee.

2. Requirements of beneficiaries and initiatives

The initiatives for which sponsorship and/or authorization to use the logo is requested may be submitted to CONSOB by public or private entities (such as bodies, associations, organizations, foundations, committees or otherwise entities of clear reputation and prestige) which, by virtue of their institutional, scientific, economic, social, cultural, notoriety, provide a guarantee of reliability, seriousness, fairness and validity of the proposal.

Such initiatives must be deemed by CONSOB to be worthy in terms of quality and relevance of content and must be relevant to matters within CONSOB's institutional mission.

3. Obligations of patrons

Mention of the patronage and logo, in all forms of publicizing (invitations, posters, posters, etc.) must be placed in adequate prominence and in any case with equal prominence to any other patronage or emblems or logos of public or private entities sponsoring the initiative.

4. Withdrawal of CONSOB

CONSOB may withdraw at any time from the granting of patronage in order to protect its image if it is found that the conditions established for the granting of patronage have not been met.

In particular, in the event of misrepresentation regarding the type, course and purpose of the initiative, the nature of the organizing entity, the use of the wording "patronage" and the logo, or the manner of use of the same that does not comply with these provisions, the beneficiary will be barred from receiving further patronage, without prejudice to the finding of any criminal and civil liability.

5. Memoranda of understanding (MoU) and agreements

These provisions do not apply to initiatives that fall within the scope of application of Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) or conventions entered into by CONSOB in which CONSOB's participation and use of the logo is already regulated.