Short selling

Short selling

Public net short positions

Please click on the link below to download an excel file containing the net short positions on shares received by Consob which satisfy the requirements for disclosure provided for in EU Regulation no. 236/2012

Due to the methodology of calculation of net short positions (“NSP”), it is possible that during a rights issue, especially if the operation is highly dilutive, or a POC, SEDA, SEF or similar operations, some “technical” net short positions (“NSP”) are reported to Consob and then published. These technical NSPs do not represent a material NSP because they are supported by long positions in financial instruments which refer to shares yet to be issued (e.g. subscription rights, some warrants or convertible bonds).

When reporting to Consob such “technical” NSPs, investors should indicate in the field “Comment” of the NSP that the position is backed by long positions in instruments which refer to shares yet to be issued.

Report to Consob your net short positions

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More information on short selling

From the 1st of November, 2012, the Regulation (EU) no. 236/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on short selling and certain aspects of credit default swaps applies.

The Regulation requires holders of net short positions in shares or sovereign debt to notify the Relevant Authority of such positions when they reach, fall below or exceed certain thresholds, no later than 15.30 of the day following the trading day on which the relevant position is held.

For shares, since January 2022 the relevant threshold is set at 0.1% of the share capital of the company concerned and any following change of 0.1%.

The Regulation requires that net short positions in shares equal to 0.5% of the share capital or above have to be disclosed.

Moreover, the Regulation bans uncovered (also called naked) short selling on shares and sovereign bonds, i.e. short selling which is not backed by stock lending or similar measures.

According to the Regulation, competent Authorities may adopt emergency bans to short selling (even if backed by stock lending) or to net short positions, when some conditions are satisfied.

The Regulation introduces an exemption regime for market makers and primary dealers.

Through this section is possible to:

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  2. consult the legal framework on short selling;
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  4. for those registered, report net short positions in shares;
  5. consult the user manual of Consob reporting system;
  6. get information on the exemption for market maker activities in shares;

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