Watch for PHISHING!

Watch for PHISHING!


Consob warns against the risk of scams perpetrated by unknown individuals who, presenting themselves illegally as Consob, contact the general public by telephone (even cloning through Artificial Intelligence the phone numbers of the Consob)  or email
(again, often cloning the Consob's e-mail addresses), soliciting payments in money or cryptocurrencies.

In this regard, it should be noted that Consob never directly addresses investors - by telephone or email - with the request for payments of sums of money or cryptocurrencies (see also Consob Notice of 6 April 2021: Illegal use of the Consob acronym and logo), relating to "blocked" accounts or demanding the transmission of personal or bank data. These are fake and bogus requests that should be disregarded consumers must disregard

Consob official correspondence is sent through:

  1. certified email from the official certified email address:;
  2. ordinary email from the official email addresses: or (beware, however, of "cloned" addresses).

In case of any doubt, before answering emails or telephone enquiries from persons using the name "Consob", please  contact Consob via the SIPE (Integrated System for External User)/Ask Consob form or on +39 06 84771 (which might be also cloned by scammers).

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